Reduced Cost Storage

At Global Self Storage Alexandria, a very small proportion of our storage space is not as easily accessible as our standard customer storage. For example, the access to these storage spaces might require you to navigate some steps.

We don’t want to pretend that this space offers the same accessibility as our standard storage. Instead, we denote this storage as being suitable for long-term storage, and we offer it at a reduced cost. That’s why we call it Reduced Cost Storage.

If you’d like to store with us, but your storage requirements mean that you very seldom need access to your items while they’re in storage, then you might like to consider our Reduced Cost Storage and save yourself some cash.

Please contact our friendly Customer Service staff at Global Self Storage Alexandria to get more details about our Reduced Cost Storage options!

(On the other hand, if you’re actually more interested in our standard customer storage, then you can go straight to our Short Stay or our Long Stay quote pages.)

Contact us for Reduced cost storage:

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